Is My Catalytic Converter Broken?

If your car was made after the 1970s and uses fuel, it has a catalytic converter. They are in place to keep toxins from getting into the air. As your car breaks down the gasoline, the unburned gas can leave behind toxins such as nitric oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons which all can contribute to smog. The catalytic converter has a honeycomb structure inside which is made up of platinum, copper and other metals. As the gases enter it, the metals work to convert the gases into elements such as oxygen and water, which are safe to enter the air. 


What Causes My Catalytic Converter to Break?

A catalytic converter is meant to last just as long as your car, but that doesn’t always happen. High mileage on a car can cause the converter to fail, and so can a faulty engine. When an engine isn’t working properly, leaks can begin to occur. As fuel is leaking out of the engine, it can enter the catalytic converter. The converter uses such a high heat, that as the fuel enters it begins to burn which can cause the internal components to melt. 


Signs Your Catalytic Converter is Broken

The smell coming from your car is the most recognizable sign that you have a broken converter. When fuel isn’t converted correctly, the sulfur components aren’t burned off so when they’re released into the air they have a rotten egg smell. Another sign that it has broken is the sound. If the catalytic converter isn’t working properly the honeycomb structure inside can become detached, making a rattling noise.  For a more accurate diagnosis, using a code reader can tell you what is wrong with your car. Check your car’s manual to see what the code is for the converter, but it is most commonly P0420 or P0430. 

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