Which Emissions System Does Your Vehicle Have?

When trying to decide which type of catalytic converter to purchase for your vehicle, it is always a smart idea to check with your local exhaust professional. The following is some helpful information to take to better assist you in making a more informed decision.

CARB vs. Federal – How do you know?



Before you decide to replace your catalytic converter, it is important to first determine whether your car was manufactured to CARB or Federal specifications.

To do this, check the vehicle’s emissions system label. This label is usually located in one of three places:

  • On the front radiator support
  • On the strut tower plate
  • Under the engine hood

If the vehicle is California Emissions Certified, the label will reference “California,” “CARB,” or “ARB.”

Most cars being sold throughout the U.S. today are California emissions-equipped vehicles. To be completely sure, visit your local DMV to find out whether they require aftermarket catalytic converters to meet EPA (federal) standards or California (CARB) standards.

Below are examples of which emissions stickers to look for.

Examples of Emissions Labels:

Typical label identifying a CARB System 


Typical label identifying a Federal System


Typical label showing a Low Emissions Vehicle System



The type of catalytic converter you purchase will also depend on where your vehicle is registered. For instance, if your vehicle is registered in California, you will have to follow the strict set of guidelines set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). New York and Maine have also recently enacted these same guidelines. 

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