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Cherry Bomb® is a manufacturer of high performance exhaust including high performance mufflers, exhaust accessories, racing mufflers, and mandrel bent pipes for trucks, SUVS, muscle cars, street rods, hot rods, and rat rods.

Catalytic converter replacement is a pricey job. Cherry Bomb offers cost-effective alternatives to OE parts, built with proprietary wash coats, beefed up substrates, and quality material constructions (stainless steel housings, aluminized tubes, and heat shields). The result is a tough cat converter that provides optimal emission control and durable performance you can count on. These converters are designed for federal OBDI and OBDII applications and will allow your car, truck, or SUV to run clean again without making you shell out a lot of money.

Cherry Bomb’s collection of mufflers includes a variety of designs for different applications, with one-of-a-kind sounds and patented constructions for improved performance. These are mufflers that revolutionized the hot rod world. Their tried-and-true designs have withstood the test of time and are now made even better. These are mufflers that you can easily add to your car, truck, or SUV for the ultimate in sound, appearance, and performance. You can give your vehicle a distinctive exhaust tone without high decibel levels with a Turbo muffler or go loud with the straight-through Glasspack.

With any design, you get elaborate constructions, durable coatings, and quality expected from a product made in the USA.

Cherry Bomb Exhaust has been Disturbing the Peace Since 1968™ with the Cherry Bomb Glasspack®, Cherry Bomb Vortex®, Cherry Bomb Pro®, Cherry Bomb Extreme®, Cherry Bomb M-80®, Cherry Bomb Salute®, Cherry Bomb Turbo®, and Cherry Bomb high performance exhaust kits. Cherry Bomb exhaust sound provides aggressive, loud, throaty, and mild tones. While improving fuel economy, horsepower, towing capacity, and appearance.