Direct Fit Catalytic Converters

Hurricane Automotive offers direct fit catalytic converters for all types of vehicles, ranging from cars and vans to SUVs, trucks, and more!

Depending on your vehicle and budget, direct-fit converters may be easier to install on your vehicle due to the fact that they are simply bolted on versus universal catalytic converters, which need to be welded. This fact, alone, can cut down the installation time significantly.

A faulty Catalytic Converter will result in a failed vehicle inspection and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The most common damage to the part is a crack from hitting debris on the roads or running over curbs. If you smell a scent similar to that of rotten eggs, your converter has gone bad due to the clogging of burnt carbon. Allow Hurricane Automotive to be your one-stop shop for your catalytic converter needs! We only sell top quality catalytic converters that are covered under a 25,000-mile performance warranty. 

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Benefits & Features of Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters

Direct-fit catalytic converters have numerous benefits. Below are some of the features and benefits: 

  • We offer Direct Fit converters manufactured by top brands.
  • Direct Fit converters are usually easier to install.
  • Our manufacturers utilize superior materials when producing direct fit converters.
  • All Direct Fit converters are EPA compliant.
  • Significantly reduces the amount of hydrocarbons, carbon monozide, and nitrogen oxides, which are harmful to both the environment and to humans.


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