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Flowmaster Mufflers

February 13, 2017

Started over 30 years ago, Flowmaster mufflers were a solution to sound issues at race tracks in California. They worked through many ‘firsts’ in automotive exhaust technology. Flowmaster’s mission is “to bring you the highest quality exhaust products through innovation, advance manufacturing experience and dedication to customer service and satisfaction.” We’re excited at Hurricane Automotive to sell their products because they bring us new exhaust systems and mufflers for the most popular brands and models.

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Catalytic Converter Issues

Catalytic converters can last for over 10 years but may become contaminated, clogged, overheated, or physically damaged. This may lead to slow engine performance and potentially even engine shutdown. Leaded gas, although rarely found in the United States, can destroy a catalyst. Engine coolant can leak into the combustion system because of a faulty cylinder head gasket. Engine oil is another culprit.

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Direct Fit Catalytic Converters

November 4, 2016

Direct Fit Catalytic Converters are easy to install and cut down installation time significantly. At Hurricane Automotive we offer Direct Fit Catalytic Converters that are manufactured by the top brands who use superior materials when producing their Direct Fit Catalytic Converters. Here at Hurricane Automotive we’re available to supply you with top quality catalytic converters and we have free ground shipping so you can get started with your project as soon as possible!

Catalytic Converters and Your Needs

November 4, 2016

Fitting a Catalytic Converter to Your Vehicle

When looking into emission systems, you want to know what type your vehicle has so we can be sure our catalytic converter fits your system effectively. Here at Hurricane Automotive, we have a two-step system for ensuring that you know your emission system. First you need to determine whether your car was manufactured to CARB or Federal Specifications. The label to help you identify emissions systems your vehicle has will be one of three places:

  1. On the front radiator supper
  2. On the strut tower plate
  3. Under the engine hood

The second step is to know the EPA regulations for your state. The type of catalytic converter you need to purchase will also depend on where your vehicle is registered. Some states have different rules, so be sure you know where you’re registered before you select your catalytic converter to purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you with all of your catalytic converter needs!

3 Common Issues in Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems last longer now than they did before, however that does not mean that you should not be monitoring them. Here are 3 common issues we see in exhaust systems.

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Common Catalytic Converter Problems

There are many issues that can arise when dealing with a catalytic converter. Here are just a few that you can keep your eye out for.

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Protecting Your Catalytic Converter From Thieves

Catalytic converters protect against harmful exhaust systems emissions by turning pollutants into harmless gases. They are targeted by thieves due to the fact that they contain precious metals like platinum, palladium, or rhodium and can be sold for up to $200.

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Hurricane Automotive is your premier supplier of high quality catalytic converters and performance exhaust products. We carry a huge inventory of catalytic converters and parts ranging from direct fit converters to universal converters, diesel converters, O2 sensors, and more! We will provide you with quality catalytic converters and performance exhaust products from top brands, seamless shipping, and easy, no hassle returns. We offer FREE Ground Shipping on ALL ORDERS (*excludes oversized items) as well as competitive 2-day and overnight options through FedEx or UPS. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service, so let us know how we can help.

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