Protecting Your Catalytic Converter From Thieves

Catalytic converters protect against harmful exhaust systems emissions by turning pollutants into harmless gases. They are targeted by thieves due to the fact that they contain precious metals like platinum, palladium, or rhodium and can be sold for up to $200. Thieves typically use a saw or wrench to remove a catalytic converter, depending on where it is bolted or welded in. 

If your fuel-powered vehicle was manufactured after 1974, it has a catalytic converter, so you are not invincible from thieves. They often target taller vehicles like pickup trucks or SUVs because they can easily fit underneath it to get to the catalytic converter. If you tend to leave your car parked in one area for long periods of time, thieves have plenty of time to access your vehicle without being seen. 

Was My Catalytic Converter Stolen?

You will most likely be unaware of whether your catalytic converter was stolen from your car just by looking at it. However, as soon as you start the engine, you will be fully aware. Your car will make a roaring sound that gets louder as you push the gas. It may also make a sputtering sound as you change speed, or it may not drive as smoothly as before.

Protect Against Thieves

To protect your catalytic converter from being stolen, park in well-lit areas close to the entrances of buildings. Park your car inside your garage, and shut the garage door. You may have your catalytic converter welded to your car’s frame, making it a bit harder to steal. You could even engrave your vehicle identification number onto the catalytic converter to make it easier to identify the owner. 

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