What Leads to a Bad Catalytic Converter?

Many car owners tend to neglect getting regular maintenance done to their cars as they wish to save their money and time. Do you continue to drive your car, ignoring the warning lights illuminated on your dashboard? If so, you may end up with even more expensive car repairs in your future. Ignoring service items is especially reckless when it comes to your catalytic converter, which removes harmful gases from the exhaust. The following things may cause you to end up with a bad catalytic converter:

Fuel Entering Exhaust System

Your vehicle’s engine requires an exact ratio of fuel to air in order to run properly. The engine will not run correctly if there is not enough fuel, and too much of it will cause unburnt fuel to enter the exhaust system. When this occurs, unspent fuel ignites when it reaches the catalytic converter, causing it to heat beyond its normal temperature. If it runs like this for too long, it will fail. Regular tune-ups will help prevent this issue, as well as replacing faulty parts such as oxygen sensors and fuel injectors.

Neglecting Tune-Ups

When your engine gets out of tune, your vehicle experiences more wear and tear. The catalytic converter is made vulnerable by bad engine performance. An incorrect air/fuel mixture, improper timing, and misfiring spark plugs can affect the exhaust, which results in issues with the catalytic converter. If this continues, the catalytic converter will go bad.

“Check Engine”/”Service Engine Soon” Light Ignored

If you are one of the aforementioned people who ignore those dashboard lights, you could end up with a bad catalytic converter. The “Check Engine” and “Service Engine Soon” lights coming on means that there is a problem somewhere in your emissions system. Tip: Don’t ignore the warning lights.

Coolant or Oil in Exhaust System

Your vehicle’s cooling system is very important when it comes to engine performance. When it goes neglected, the engine runs hotter than it should, which can result in a cracked manifold gasket or cylinder head gasket. When the gaskets go bad, coolant and motor oil can leak into the combustion chamber and exhaust. This causes carbon deposits to accumulate on the catalytic converter, blocking exhaust flow.

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