Why Choose Borla®?

BORLA® performance industries, the pioneer and leader in the design and manufacture of stainless steel performance exhaust, has pioneered a variety of improvements in the design of performance exhaust systems. Each BORLA® Cat-Back™ system, Header, and Axle-Back is made from austenitic stainless steel (superior to 409 or aluminized steel) employing mandrel-bent tubing, all-welded construction, and is designed for accurate fit and easy installation. 

Performance Advantages

The performance advantages of a BORLA® are widely recognized, taking place at the forefront of the movement toward responsible racing with a full line of patented, award and race-winning racing mufflers. They not only maintain a race engine’s power, but in some cases, actually add power. The technology incorporated into BORLA® exhaust is for the street, providing an average increase of 7-10 horsepower and torque as well as improved gas mileage at cruising speeds.

Stainless Steel

BORLA® exhaust is built of aircraft-quality austenitic stainless steel. T-304 stainless steel has the highest chromium content, making it the most resistant to corrosion and the most desirable material for a long-lasting exhaust system. Did you know that millions of exhaust systems are replaced every year due to corrosion and poor performance? Automotive exhaust gases attack the system internally, and corrosive salts, moisture, and mud contribute to exterior deterioration. BORLA® systems are built to withstand these destructive conditions.

Choosing The Right Performance Exhaust

A common misconception when choosing performance exhaust is that bigger is better. For street use, however, large pipes take energy out of the exhaust by slowing down exhaust gas velocity and cooling off the gases. Velocity and uninterrupted flow are actually the real performance-making factors. BORLA® exhaust systems are designed for less restriction, keeping the velocity and frequency high so the main sound is behind the tailpipe. 

Hurricane Automotive

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