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Exhaust System Buying Guide

You came to Hurricane Automotive because you know you want a new exhaust system. The stock exhaust system that came with your car when you bought it is just not giving you the performance you want. You know you want more horsepower, but with so many sizes and metal types, how can you be sure you’re purchasing the right one for your vehicle? Exhaust systems can be complex, so we want to break it down to make this decision a little easier.

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How To Install an Exhaust System

A car’s exhaust system works to filter out the chemicals that are produced from the gas running through your car’s engine. Harsh chemicals such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides would fill the car’s cabin if it was not for the exhaust system. Besides reducing the amount of chemicals released, your exhaust can also control the torque and noise your car makes. 

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The Exhaust System 

A vehicle’s exhaust system performs a few different crucial functions. The exhaust collects gases from the engine, removes harmful substances, reduces noise, and releases a purified gaseous byproduct. The type and size of engine can determine how many channels comprise the exhaust system specific to that engine. An important factor to consider in an exhaust, is the flow resistance.

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About Us

Hurricane Automotive is your premier supplier of high quality catalytic converters and performance exhaust products. We carry a huge inventory of catalytic converters and parts ranging from direct fit converters to universal converters, diesel converters, O2 sensors, and more! We will provide you with quality catalytic converters and performance exhaust products from top brands, seamless shipping, and easy, no hassle returns. We offer FREE Ground Shipping on ALL ORDERS (*excludes oversized items) as well as competitive 2-day and overnight options through FedEx or UPS. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service, so let us know how we can help.


What Can a Performance Exhaust System Do For Your Vehicle?

When purchasing an exhaust system, it is important to think about how you use your vehicle. Some systems add to your vehicle’s appearance, while others have a more subtle look but still provide performance gains.

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How Long Can You Drive With A Bad Catalytic Converter?

If your car is showing symptoms of a bad catalytic converter, such as engine misfiring, loss of power when accelerating, or fuel vapor, you may be curious as to whether driving with a bad catalytic converter is okay or not, and how many miles you can drive with it.

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BORLA® Customer Testimonials

Have you ever wondered what others have to say about BORLA® products? Here are a few reviews that you might find useful.

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More About BORLA®

Whether you are looking for boomers, cratemufflers, or tips, BORLA® has it all, plus more. If you have questions about BORLA® systems, we have answer. 

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