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Troubleshooting Your Catalytic Converter

The most common cause of catalytic converter failure in an older car is that it becomes overly clogged and exhaust gases can not get through the muffler and out of the car. Catalytic converters are also sensitive to changes in the contents and temperature of exhaust gases. 

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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Catalytic Converter

First and foremost, you need to know what a catalytic converter is. A catalytic converter is an important car component that works to reduce vehicle emissions and pollution. It is a metal canister that is installed in the exhaust system. It is filled with a chemical catalyst, usually a platinum or palladium mixture, and helps convert the vehicle’s emissions into non-harmful gasses. Usually, a faulty catalytic converter will produce one of 5 symptoms that alert the driver that replacement may be required.

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Increase Your Vehicle's Torque and Horsepower

Horsepower and torque are both key components in powering your vehicle. Your engine is a series of combustions that pull in and push out air, so finding ways to move greater volumes of air in and out of your engine leads to more horsepower and torque. If you are wondering how to do this, keep reading:

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Can A Catalytic Converter Fail Due to Age?

Catalytic converter technology has come a long way in meeting the demand of modern engines to deliver the required emissions efficiency and long-term reliability. Yet, in spite of all this, converters still fail. In many cases, it’s not the fault of the converter, but one of the other engine components upstream from the catalyst.

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Is My Catalytic Converter Broken?

If your car was made after the 1970s and uses fuel, it has a catalytic converter. They are in place to keep toxins from getting into the air. As your car breaks down the gasoline, the unburned gas can leave behind toxins such as nitric oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons which all can contribute to smog. The catalytic converter has a honeycomb structure inside which is made up of platinum, copper and other metals. As the gases enter it, the metals work to convert the gases into elements such as oxygen and water, which are safe to enter the air.

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Which Catalytic Converter is Right For My Vehicle?

Every car has a catalytic converter and its job is to convert the vehicle’s exhaust emissions into a cleaner substance before exiting through the tailpipe. Using metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium, chemical reactions occur to eliminate nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. When problems arise with your catalytic converter you will see your check engine light turn on, an unusual smell when your drive, a rattling noise and your engine will not have as much power. This means you will need a replacement, so how do you find the right one for your vehicle?

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How Do Catalytic Converters Work? 

Today, there are millions of cars that travel the roadways throughout the United States alone, and each vehicle represents a single source of pollution. Catalytic converters work to reduce the amount of pollution that a vehicle emits by converting harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before it exits a vehicle’s exhaust system. 

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Common Exhaust System Problems

The overall performance of your vehicle all depends on the exhaust system. It is made of many parts, but only functions properly when they all work together without fail. Here are some common exhaust system problems that you may experience during the life of your vehicle...

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